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You can verify your personal information, and make any changes by connecting to your membership information maintained by the Supreme Council.

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Master Craftsman Program

The purpose of the Scottish Rite is to provide greater Light. A greater understanding of the universal truths and philosophies. And this is done by attending the degrees and reading materials such as A Bridge to Light or Morals and Dogma. Another way to help you navigate the College of the Fraternity is by joining the Master Craftsman program. It is a learn at your own pace program that you complete at home.

You can learn more by visiting here –

Member and Officer Leadership Training

To be a more effective member of the Scottish Rite and to help you on your journey, the Scottish Rite offers leadership training programs at the Supreme level. To find out when the next event is taking place, whether online or in-person, please visit the Member Only section of the Scottish Rite site and register. You can go to the Member site by clicking here.

The Valley needs individuals for a number of officer positions. Some are ceremonial in nature and others are related to leading the Valley. The Valley will provide you with the necessary information to perform at your best and will be providing officer training at different times during the year. Watch for information on the weekly eblast.


One of our duties as Scottish Rite Masons is to come to the aid of those who need help. The Almoner maintains a fund that he dispenses to those in need and done with complete anonymity. Maintaining the fund is the duty of each member of the St. Paul Scottish Rite and exemplifies the three principal tenets of Masonry – Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth.  If you know of someone in need, especially a Brother Mason, please contact the office and we can make the proper introductions.

Things to do in the Scottish Rite

Just as in Blue Lodge or other Masonic bodies, there is lots of things to do to help improve yourself and improve others.

If you like ritual work, you can take a part, either speaking or non-speaking in many of the degrees.

If you are interested in being a leader, you can take on one of the officer positions within the Valley.

We always need members to spread the word of Scottish Rite Masonry to Blue Lodges. You can be an Ambassador or be more active by being a Double Eagle.

There are a number of committees, where you can help out. Education, Membership, Dining, Robing, Audio, Stage, ROTC, a degree part or being a Degree Director, be an Officer, and more.

Gifts, Bequests and Wills

Please keep the Scottish Rite in mind as you prepare your will and your charitable giving. You have several great options. Certainly, including the Minneapolis/St. Paul Rite Care in your plans is a very noble gesture. You can also help support your Valley, for its future, by including the St. Paul Valley or the Almoner as one of your beneficiaries. There are also a number of scholarship programs, like the Peg and Jerry Oliver Education Scholarship that you can help support now and in the future.

For more information on giving to the Scottish Rite and one or more of the wonderful programs, please contact the office at 651-222-2676.

Reserve and Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps Program (ROTC)

Each year, the St. Paul Valley of the Scottish Rite, recognizes students who are in the JROTC and ROTC programs at high schools and universities and have exemplified themselves. When we provide that recognition, it helps that student in their future military career, should they go on to officer training after they graduate.

You can help by delivering these ROTC awards in the spring. Please contact the office at 651-222-2676 and arrange a school and a date and time for the presentation.

Scottish Rite Research Society (SRRS)

In addition to the ritual and education material provided at the Valley level, you can get more by being a part of the Scottish Rite Research Society. Each year there is a volume of articles on a variety of subjects from ritual, history, philosophy, biography to symbolism and education.

Consider joining the SRRS with an annual membership or lifetime membership. Each is worth every penny.

You can join SRRS by visiting here.

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