Knights of St. Andrew


Visions, shipwrecks and quests have, in one way or another, played a role in linking Saint Andrew to Scotland; but only the hard evidence is what remains to interpret as fact.  Relics from the body of Saint Andrew were carried to a site on the east coast of Scotland, which would become St. Andrews.  From the time these relics were brought to Scotland, numerous visions involving safe passage or victory in battle have been chronicled, giving substance to Saint Andrew being the Patron Saint of Scotland.

  • Scottish soldiers fighting in the Crusades honored Saint Andrew as the Patron of Christian Knighthood.
  • William Wallace, as he led the Scots into battle against the English, declared “Saint Andrew mote us speed”, meaning “May Saint Andrew support us.”
  • At the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314, Scottish soldiers wore the Cross of Saint Andrew on their tunics and prayed before the battle, invoking Saint Andrew’s protection.

The Saint Paul Valley Knights of Saint Andrew

It is this rich heritage upon which we, the Saint Paul Valley Knights of Saint Andrew, strive to increase our character and our valued service to the Saint Paul Valley Scottish Rite.  It was on November 8, 2000, that our Order was chartered, with thirty two charter members who began to serve the Valley as Stewards of the Temple, exercising their talents in the several Scottish Rite Degrees and providing service to the membership as requested by the Saint Paul Valley leadership.

The Knights continue to provide support in several ways to virtually all of the degrees while we have taken on the challenge of additional areas of service.

  • We are engaged in fundraising efforts to improve the building.
  • We mentor each new class of candidates.

Dedication to Service

The Knights of Saint Andrew is an organization dedicated to serve the Saint Paul Valley and to enrich the experience of the Scottish Rite for each of its members.  We are guided by the Nine Knightly Virtues of a Knight of Saint Andrew and are open to receiving new members; the only stipulations are that the Brother must be a member in good standing of the Saint Paul Valley and that he is a 32° Scottish Rite Freemason.  If you are interested in membership, please contact the Valley Secretary or the Excellent Master for the KSA.


The Order of the Saint Paul Valley Knights of Saint Andrew meets in the Saint Paul Masonic Center on the second Wednesday of each month from September through June.  All Valley members are welcomed to attend our meetings.

We also meet each month for a sociable breakfast at one of our local restaurants.  Spouses and significant others are welcomed at the breakfasts.


To simply apply for membership and pay the dues does not make one a Knight of Saint Andrew. Candidates seeking admission into the Order must first complete the Application for Membership, which is presented to the Valley Secretary, then forwarded on to the Excellent Master for reading before the Knights in a Stated Meeting. If the application is accepted by the KSA membership, the applicant is welcomed into the Order as a novitiate.  The newly elected novitiate must demonstrate service to the Valley before he can become a Knight of Saint Andrew.

The novitiate will be honored in a special event, marked by the Feast of Saint Andrew.  Here he will be knighted in a ceremony, followed by the Feast.  Both the Knighting Ceremony and the Feast are “open” events.  All are welcome to attend.

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